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As a digital artist, the entertainment industry offers countless opportunities for you to showcase your skills and build a rewarding career. From traditional 2D and 3D animation to cutting-edge VR/AR design, there are a wide variety of paths that you can take. Here are 100 exciting career... more
The art and entertainment industries offer unique opportunities for individuals to express their creativity and develop their skills. While the art industry provides a space for artists to hone their craft and showcase their work, the entertainment industry offers a wider audience and potential for... more
Collaborative projects between art education programs and entertainment industry professionals have become increasingly popular in recent years. These projects bring together students, educators, and industry experts to create new and innovative works of art. In this blog post, we will explore the... more
As an art form, animation and film production rely heavily on the art of storytelling. Storyboarding and visual storytelling are two critical components of this process that help to ensure a successful final product. In this blog, we will explore the importance of storyboarding and visual... more
Entertainment media has a significant impact on shaping people's attitudes and beliefs about different cultures, identities, and experiences. Unfortunately, media often perpetuates negative stereotypes and misrepresentations, particularly of underrepresented groups. Art education has the potential... more
Creating characters for the entertainment industry requires a unique blend of creativity and skill. While digital tools have revolutionized the art of character design, traditional drawing and painting techniques remain fundamental in bringing characters to life. In this blog, we'll take a deeper... more


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