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How To Apply For Jobs In Production

Union vs. Non-Union

A union show will only hire union crew. They are required under their contract to do so. Don't even think about applying to a union show unless you are in the right union for the job you're looking for. The exception are Production Assistants (PA's). Since PA's are not unionized they are free to work on both union and non union shows. However, they are the ONLY exception.


The production crew "resume" is very simple. It consists of a listing of credits for the shows the crew member has worked on. Your name, address and contact phone numbers go at the top followed by a line or two for each credit. Usually, the title of the show, production date, the name of the director, and the job function performed. Credits can be divided into sections (e.g., "Features," "Television," "Commercials," etc.). If desired, a section on education can also be included. In addition to listing university and college training, professional training programs may also be included in this section.


To apply, mail your Credits to the production office address to the attention of the Department Head for the department your job falls under. For example, someone wanting to work as a Camera Loader would submit to the Director of Photography. PA's would submit to the Production Coordinator, etc. 


Production offices receive a lot of resumes. Most are genuinely looked at but don't expect to hear back unless they're interested.

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